Getting Fit in Cape Town with SaltyCrax

I started off my 2,5 month fitness holiday with the fitness package at SaltyCrax Backpackers in Cape Town. I really love the SaltyCrax backpackers in Blauwberg, Tableview. It’s located closely to the beach with the best view to the Table Mountain, it’s quiet, there is a garden with a fireplace, there is a public kitchen, a lounge area and a bar. The lounge area is perfect to read a book or just watch a movie at night. 

Food and nutrition
On the first day of our program we had a nutrition talk and healthy cooking session with Joke, our yoga and nutrition coach. Even though my fitness buddy Victoria and I were already quite conscious about healthy nutrition, we both liked the session a lot because we mainly discussed how to live a balanced healthy life. For me, setting a balanced healthy lifestyle is all about balance. Becoming conscious about what you eat and how much you move really helps. Before you have a meal have you ever asked yourself: “what am I eating?” or “why do I eat?”. Once you start asking these questions you might start changing your portions or the quality of your food.

Joke always takes time for her meals and never multitasks when she is eating so she is conscious about what she eats and how much she eats. I really respect how she treats her food and I think this could really help me too as I tend to eat quickly, while doing a lot of stuff at the same time, which gives me the feeling of dissatisfaction.

On day one of the program Victoria and I met our personal trainer Andrea. She properly observed our fitness level by measuring our fat percentage, heart rate, weight and even our mobility skills. We start off our program by doing a a TRX class. It was much harder than I thought. I really like how Andrea teaches. She is very calm, sweet and she always reminds me of engaging my abs.

The rest of the week we did daily sessions with Andrea such as a morning beach workout, Crossfit and a bootcamp session in the park. The sessions were always challenging for me and combined with choosing healthy food I actually lost a kilo and I went down in my fat percentage.

Living a healthy lifestyle is not all about working out and eating healthy. For me it’s also about mindfulness, allowing yourself to take a break every now and then, travelling, experiencing new things, meeting new people from different backgrounds and getting out of your comfort zone.

The reason I really like the fitness program is because next to working out it actually gave us the opportunity to experience all of the above. During my week in Cape Town I really took the time for myself by just relaxing, enjoying the view of Table Mountain at the beach, watching a movie, meditating and meeting new people from all around the world. Climbing to the top of Table Mountain was very challenging, but we were rewarded by the most beautiful sunset at the top. Also, we got to see the penguins in Simon’s Town and we took a bike tour down to Cape Point.

Snorkelling with seals in Houtbay seemed as one of the most frightening things in life for me so I definitely went out of my comfort zone by doing that. At the place where we snorkelled there were mainly baby seals, so my snorkel instructor told me there was no need to be afraid of getting bitten or attacked. Yet in the beginning I felt so uncomfortable in the water that my instructor was not allowed to leave my sight. Once I experienced the playfulness and innocence of the baby seals discovering the underwater world around me, I started loving the whole experience and the seals. If you are eager to learn more about this experience, please watch this 1 minute seal snorkelling video.

If you have decided to do the Fitness program in Cape Town with SaltyCrax I wish you a lot of fun! If you haven’t decided if you are going to do the Fitness program, I hope my blog gave you a little bit more insight of what to expect.

If you want to follow me and my healthy lifestyle journey, find me on Instagram or Facebook.

Lisette Croese

Written for SaltyCrax Cape Town Backpackers in South Africa

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