Crossfit in Bali with S2S Crossfit

During my 6 weeks holiday in Bali I wanted to stay as fit as possible. I decided to book myself a 2 weeks crossfit package with S2S Crossfit in Jimbaran. After that I travelled through Bali and Lombok for 2 weeks and I finished off my stay in Bali with another week of Crossfit with S2S Crossfit in Canggu.

Before I came to Bali I had been practising Crossfit for 1,5 years however Crossfit experience is not an obligation to join S2S Crossfit. This school is for anyone with any type of fitness level.

The first few days of my stay in Jimbaran I was highly motivated to get fitter so I decided to train 5 days a week, 2-3 classes a day, and taking only Friday and Sunday off. After my first week I felt stronger already and I noticed my fitness level and shape was better than the week before. Also the other students were getting so lean and fit. It is amazing how fast our bodies transformed so quickly as long as you put your mind to it.


Jimbaran and Canggu location
The S2S Crossfit box in Jimbaran is huge, offering space to a number of 20 athletes plus at least 10 open gym athletes. Next to the box there is a sports field and a volleyball court which is nice for outdoor sessions such as Bodyfit and 360 Fitness. The box is about 2 minutes away from the beach.

The Canggu S2S Crossfit box is a little bit smaller offering space to maximum 10 athletes and therefore I find the box more intimate. It’s located down the road next to the rice fields and it’s naturally air conditioned which offers the true Canggu Bali feeling.

Every day there’s a different Workout of the Day (WOD) offered in the box, ranging from strength, gymnastics and cardio exercises. The trainers at the gym are from different parts of the world: Argentina, South Africa, Hawai, Italy and Scandinavia. They are well qualified and I was happy with their level of support. In case you need some extra coaching S2S also offer personal training sessions. What’s also nice is that S2S offers it’s own healthy frozen fitmeals, ready-to-eat frozen meals designed by a team of chefs, trainers & nutritionists. In case you want to lose some weight or gain muscle mass, I’d recommend you to have those fitmeals during your stay in Jimbaran or Canggu.


Early morning sessions & beach training
The best thing to start the day in Bali is with an early morning crossfit workout at 6 am. Try it out and then finish off with a nice relaxed Vinyasa yoga session. It keeps your body flexible and the mind relaxed.

Next to the Bodyfit classes I also love the beach trainings in Jimbaran. It usually includes some running and body weight excercises at the beach such as push ups or squats. After every round of hard work we are allowed to take a jump in the ocean which is extremely rewarding and fun. Usually we end up with a core session sitting in the water passing on a kettlebell from person to person. Getting hit by the waves at the shore while passing on the kettlebell brings out laughter in everyone and keeps the workout fun. Even tough the beach sessions are pretty tough, it will remind you you are in a beautiful place.

Get fit and enjoy your stay in Bali!
For me doing Crossfit in Bali was not only about getting fit and lean. There were days that I was eating clean and there were days that I truly enjoyed a piece of coconut caramel crunch cheesecake in one of my favourite bars in Canggu, Betelnut. You gotta try it!

There were days when I had so much energy and fun during a workout and there days when I was almost in tears during a workout because I was pushing myself to the limit. What I love about training at S2S is that we always pushed and motivated each other. No one was left behind and no one would miss a workout simply because they just didn’t feel like it that day. We were a team and we had each others back.

During my stay at S2S Crossfit in Jimbaran and Canggu I got to see that my body was transforming to a better version of myself. I got stronger and leaner during my trip and I met great people, while I was still enjoying the local food and travel around Bali. I will definitely be back!

by Lisette Croese

Written for S2S Bali in Indonesia

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